Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal has become an industry in itself with millions of recipients wanting to rid themselves of a certain tattoo, or all of them at once. Up until recently the only options available to do so have involved expensive painstaking procedures, over an elongated period of time. Typical problems involved with certain procedures leave the healing process to chance based on the depth of, and pigment chemicals used.

Escharotics is not a new idea in the journey to remove tattoos, however with the new advanced techniques of applying this method, Xaviour™ systems can safely and more effectively remove the total pigmentation in the skin. Xaviour™ Systems use of escharotics employs a removal method much like the tattoo artist’s method of applying the tattoo since the process involves abrading the skin. Previous techniques have involved trying to undo the entire tattoo in one sitting, whereby we realise the secret involves multiple partial treatments to achieve the desired result.

The first treatment is applied in a small area of about 5mm diameter leaving skin bridges between the circles. The areas between the circles will be treated later, after the initial circles have healed. Coupled with the abrasion tool is the fluid line which continuously floods the abraded skin with the scab promoting liquid.

The propriety fluid is then introduced to that de-epithelialized zone thus allowing the dermis to coagulate in a very precisely controlled depth. The wound than has to heal with this process taking approximately two weeks. When that’s complete, and the small scab has dropped out, the skin has re–epithelialized with generally all the targeted pigments gone.