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Beauty Therapeutic & Cosmetic Systems


Compiling and providing high quality information and offering referrals to the best manufacturers comes from careful market research, testing, development and evaluation. Xaviour, an information resource is committed to supplying our therapists knowledge of the the safest, highly beneficial and cost effective systems for body shaping, complete face & body skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal systems and teeth whitening.

Xaviour® Systems parent company is principally a marketing and information based company; founded on our consistent, focussed personal customer service. Xaviour Systems provides support orientated technical systems, supplying the cosmetic and therapeutic treatments industry on a global capacity.

Our account advisory team work closely with manufacturing personnel ensuring specifications and quality remain true and consistent. Regular consults with our senior advisory Doctor safeguards treatment parameters, allowing Xaviour to offer safe and effective information inclusive of specialised professional training documentation.

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